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An article, inclined towards vegetarians but also is crucial for those who are non-veg.

We are the human, more intellect than any others, with mind and improved technologies. We know a lot but do less. We are cautious about many destruction but are performing many such activities which invites destruction. We are clever and create lots of arguments, thoughts to prove ourselves. We don’t want to realize our mistake though we have done. We go on proving the mistake as correct things. If a pen went slip then the writer doesn’t regard a mistake but explain differently. I am telling all these background not related to Veg and Non-Veg surfacely, but these are those things which are closely related with Veg and Non-Veg natures of Human.

Who don’t know, a cut pains ? I don’t think there is human who don’t know about the life, its’ tenure and importance in nature. Every person know that an ant is equally important in nature. But an ant becomes negligible for such person who don’t care others’ life. Those person only survive for their life but not for others. No Non-veg practically respect the life of all those respires. Such theoretical mind are directed against Vegetarian. No body feels the pain of others who are non-related to them. A person feels the pain of his/her relatives but not of those who are not related to the blood/generation.

Go Vegetarian

Go Vegetarian

An ant, a dog, a cow, a buffalo, a hen and every creatures have its family. Have their blood, relations, life and aims for surviving. They are continuously struggling for their existence in the nature. They fought against different natural calamities for their survival but so called Intellect Non-Veg man kills all the remaining destination of such innocent life. Interesting things is that, a Meat eater brings meat from shop and have a meal with fun and says that I haven’t kill this, I have paid money and purchased. CAN LIFE BE BROUGHT WITH MONEY? No, man. Though we are called Intellectual, many person among us are mis-utilizing their knowledges, aren’t living for their life but for others’ death. It is not natural . It is a sin. A dark patch in Human Civilization.


Respect the Life of All that Respires !!!!!!!

Source: http://mymikasha.blogspot.com/2011/08/vegetarian-article-go-vegetarian.html#ixzz1VwkIZHkf

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Article (Nepal Tourism Year 2011)

You can regard this text as an essay on “Nepal Tourism Year – 2011”. Seizing some additional information is also appreciable.

Nepal Tourism Year – 2011

As a successor of Visit Nepal 1998, government of Nepal has announced Nepal Tourism year -2011On October 25, 2008 the Government of Nepal decided to organize a national campaign called the “Nepal Tourism Year 2011”. The campaign is an effort to promote Nepal as a tourist destination. The government anticipates receiving at least one million tourists by the year 2011. Also, the government plans to expand Nepal‘s tourism industry so, it consistently receives high number of tourists. The declaration of the tourism year was made after consulting with the private sector, tourism entrepreneurs and media partners.

 The Nepal Tourism Year 2011 will officially commence on February 26, 2010 in a program organized at Tundikhel in Kathmandu, Nepal. Promotion of the Nepal Tourism Year includes the geographical, cultural, biological and religious diversity of Nepal. The main highlights of the tourism year seem to be trekking, adventurous sports, mountain expeditions and wildlife safari. Hotels and other tourist facilities are improvising themselves for the tourism year. Many international airlines have also begun international flights to Tribhuwan International Airport, the only international airport in Nepal.

 The first tourists Nepal received were the mid-20th century hippies like Jimmy Hendrix. Since, then, Nepal has become quite popular as a tourist destination. Most tourists, who visit Nepal, have fallen in love with the peoples’ hospitable culture. Tourism-concerned industries are pressurizing the government to improve services for tourists. Out of the world’s ten tallest mountains, eight, including the world’s tallest Mt. Everest, lie in Nepal. Popular trekking routes have been developed around these mountains such as the Annapurna Trekking route. Also, many tourists also prefer to trek to the Everest base camp.

 One new concept the Nepali tourism industry seems to be adopting for the Tourism Year of 2011 is that of ‘luxury travel’. Existing hotels are turning into star hotels and new luxury hotels are popping up. Spas, resorts and other luxury services are also being embraced by Nepalese entrepreneurs in excitement of the tourism year.

 Nepal is going through its peace process after its 10 year long civil war. The political leaders have envisioned “Nepal Tourism Year” as a part of their plan in bringing about rapid economic expansion. This mega event in the Nepalese tourism sector is an attempt to harness the tremendous possibilities of tourism in Nepal.

 Also, the declaration of tourism year has tried to incorporate the expertise and dynamicity of the government, private sector, organizations (like Nepal Tourism Board) and so on. The networks of Non-Residents Nepalese have also been mobilized in promoting tourism. Various other promotional campaigns have also been organized in order to promote the Tourism Year itself.

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Hit the Iron when it is hot…

The proverb want to explore and explode the fact about Nepal Tourism Year-2011.

A warm welcome



People from all around are warmly welcomed to Nepal on the special occassion of Nepal Tourism Year- 2011. As a succession of Visit Nepal – 1998, this is drastically improved version of Visit Nepal where anyone can find enormous entertainment and satisfaction regarding anything related to Nepal. The Doozy nature of Nepal can give extreme shock for those who does the rule of thumb about Nepal.

History is crysally clear about he brave citizen of Nepal. So, no ne

ed to get confused regarding the security of Nepal. Nepalese regard the guest as God, so Hospitality is the gift to anyone who visit this land of Heaven.

Variety is the Spice of Time:And Nepal can be the best choice to extract maximum spice of life. This nation is the amalgation of everything postive that is an essence of successful life. An adventurer can find variety of adventurous tourism like Banji Jump, rafting, Gliding, etc as well as nature lover can find wide view of natural panoroma and natural diversities in this land of Heaven. Furthermore, researcher can choose this land to give continuity to their research regarding any subject of nature, society, history, culture and tradition.

So, let’s make the holiday, the noticable holiday in long life.

Many more unexpressed about Nepal : So, visit it and explore yourself,,,, You can be the one who can discover something that is still undiscovered…..

Thanking You!

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