Complex Way to perfection :: Development of Nepal

An Analysis :: Promote Native via Modification

As a developing nation and newly emerging Republic Nation of South Asia, Republic Nepal is facing lots of challenges to pace towards the development. Because, development is totally impossible beyond promotion of Native products in today’s competitive market of the world. The world had reached to the optimum policy of market paving the way of online marketing. This concept is totally new-one to almost all the businessman of Nepali trade/business. In this type of illiteracy, to overcome the world market is a hard nut to crack.

A person prefers cheap pastic-made chair rather than hand-made tool made of bamboos in Nepali houses.  City people uses electric mixture to grind the edible substance, this has under-estimated the importance of Nepali Silauto, jato, dhiki, etc. And it is the fact that the modern man doesn’t prefer old things which was our own products. So, those things must be manufactured commercially by the industries at local or regional level. More easy-to-use product modified from the old native products must be brought in action to replace the increasing trend of foreign cheap market.

Straw mat (Gundri)  is good for health but produces dusts while folding and unfolding. It creates difficulties in handling those mats. So, nowadays a person are lured towards plastic mats which are non-dusty and easy to fold and unfold. Similarly, bamboo-made Nepali boards are totally replaced by foreign plastic one. This is the magic of price. No educated Nepali consumers thinks about the native products, they only thinks about the price and selects only that is cheap and discard the expensive one, which is indirectly ruining the Native market. It is leading the the competition of national market towards negative direction.

To replace this trend, Nepal government must bring strong strategy for the promotion of Nepali cottage industries in action which in result can provide the products in competitive rate of market. This policy is economic at first but is beneficial as there is the utilization of own products. This makes the nation more independent and reduces the imports of fundamentally produced produces which is positive indicator of national economy.


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