Digital protest in Nepal :: Via Facebook

ज्याला पुरै लियौ अब संबिधान देऊ
Using the most popular social networking sites Facebook, thousands of youths are motivated against anti social and anti-spiritual task in the country. For every new social performance, the provision of event and attendance over there has been a good option in Facebook to unite all the interested youth in the campaign. Such type of campaign are mostly held in Capital City (Kathmandu) and also in other areas like Butwal, Pokhara, etc. Anyway the optimum utilization of such option in Facebook will surely meet the ultimate aim of youth in the near future.
Youths are now converting digital participation, motivation, program, protest, etc in real life. Instances can be seen clearly in Facebook as well as heard in News daily. One of the best movement in Facebook is ज्याला पुरा लियौ अब संबिधान देऊ . Apart from this, may clubs, organizations, schools, colleges, etc has made Facebook the best platform to organize event and notify all the related people. Thus, if there is proper utilization, then we can achieve the ultimate goal, from any ways that are available though they are hated by few groups.
Let’s see a digitally demanded wants comes true in reality. This task in internationally renowned social networking sites is most appreciable and must be encouraged from all the sides. Let’s all Nepali Get United…………………….via……….Digitally.Let’s utilize the biggest platform of the world i.e. Facebook for revolution.


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