I should know that…

Yes, About NEPAL TOURISM YEAR – 2011….

It is the fact that Nepal is again welcoming the best wishers all around the world to visit the Nepal for next.

 First of all as a Nepali Citizen I would like to welcome all the visitors of this page for Nepal Tourism Year – 2011.

 “Together for Tourism, Naturally Nepal, Once is not Enough”

is the slogan of the

Nepal Tourism Year (NTY) – 2011.

Official logo

About Nepal:

Nepal is the small and naturally enormous country of South Asia situated between two Gaint China and India. Nepal has been one of the historically active and successfull nation in whole Asia. During the rule

Logo of NTY-2011

of British Colony in India, Nepalese Gurkhas fought against them for the protection of NATION NEPAL. So, brave Gurkhas are the evidence of Protective Nepal. Yes, it the fact not the fiction that Nepal is one of the strongest and most protected nation of South Asia beacuse it is now in the peace process which also had traced unforgetable evidence in the history of South Asia. Nepal Government has tried much and more for providing high level security to the people.While talking about the natural beauty of the nation NEPAL it is compulsion to talk about the geographical diversity of Nepal. There are the places with different altitudes varying from 60m above the sea level to world’s highest Mt. Everest (8848m). Thus, the place comprising the vast geographical features is no other than Nepal in around the natural south Asia.

Natural Nepal:

While talking about the natural beauty of the nation NEPAL it is compulson to talk abou the geographical diversity of Nepal. There are the places with different altitudes varying from 60m above the sea level to world’s highest Mt. Everest (8848m). I feel pleasure to say that Nepal is rich in bio-diversity to which most of the tourist have commented positively. The greenary of Nepal has been the most natural place ever been. Anyone can find the desirable level of natural environment by staying week in Nepal. So, it is my request to all the domestic as well as international visitor to motivate yourself and other to visit Nepal once on the Grand Occassion of Nepal Tourism Year – 2011.

Logo of NTY-2011

Geographical Division:

Geographically Nepal can be divided into Plain Terai, Mid Hilly portion and High Mountains. All these places are rich in their own geographical characteristics. World’s highest peak Mt. Everest is the attration of Mountain as well as Top 8 mountains of the world which are located here has added importance in the importance of Nepal.


10 heritages enlisted in World Heritage Site by UNESCO can be the first attraction to the visitors to Nepal. Beside this, the view of Rivers everywhere can be the next things to use as recreation from Nepal.

Furthermore there are many others things here which can be pointed briefly in the following points.

  1. Mount Everest
  2. Chitwan National Park (One Horned Rhino)
  3. Rara Lake
  4. Tilicho (4919 m)
  5. Kali Gandaki Gorge (Deepest Gorge)
  6. Arun Vally (Deepest Valley)
  7. Kathmandu (City of Temples)
  8. Villages ( Rich in Cultural diversities)
  9. Many others……

Besides these, enlisted heritages, Nepal is mine for enormous entertainment and adventures. Adventurous tourism is the key for the success of Nepal Tourism Year. Being a mountainous country, Nepal deserves maximum potentiality to entertain the visitors though varieties of Adventurous tourism like Banji Jump, Rafting, Mountaineering, Gliding, etc.

Note: Don’t forget to get full information about your queries or internal suspection about Nepal from concerned Authorities. Make you secured first about everything in Nepal then quench up the thirst regarding Nepal.

For the promotion of Nepal Tourism Year – 2011. From Sharad Kafle “Mikasha”

Once is not Enough, Make Again and Again to explore more and more.

Wishing for more visitors to visit Nepal to make Nepal Tourism Year-2011 a success………………

Thank You!

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