World Security after Laden’s Demise

In the absence of Al-Quada’s leader Osama Bin Laden, it is not correct to say that the world is safer in the absence of him. Al-Quada which has been empowered by Osama is still running in several Islamic nation of the world which can’t be traced out by US-operation in very small period of time. After a decade, the successful mission of US-armies hasn’t proved their speed but their skill that often takes lots of time. This situation proves the clever behaviour of Al-Quada’s to make themselves hidden at any place of the world.

Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden (Leader. Al Quada)

Eventually, the nation related to America (USA), who are against the Al-Quada and expressing freely with enthusiam on the demise of Osama are sure to face many security challenges brought by Al-Quada’s and other such underground organizations. The so called success spoken by Obama isn’t sustainable. He had given a speech for a short time but in a long run, he and his nation has to bear many complex security issues.

The fact shows that Al-Quada isn’t a humane organization but is against the humanity and civilization, but whatever celebration was done on USA and other countries has driven themselves towards the black future of terrorism. It has obviously annoyed, the members of Al-Quada. So, at any time any where the world have to face a destruction and devastation, probably there can be the end of humanity, the civilization and the earth.

Not waiting for such situation!

May God bring the peaceful settlement of Osama in Heaven and mutual understanding among terrorists and all the citizens.

The lesson of humanity should be brought in practice from all around that at any cost should bring the peace not by killing, murdering and fighting but by mutual understanding, conversion and all other humane activities.

Wishing for the Bright future!

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2 thoughts on “World Security after Laden’s Demise

  1. pawan

    Killing one person is not the solution. If one is dead thousand others can born. Similarly, while at revolution when people start dying, more masses come in the revolution Osama’s death may give rise to other leaders who favors Osama. So we should end the root of terrorism, not by killing terrorists but by killing the bad motives inside them. They need to be changed….

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